History of online casinos

Submitted by gay6ry on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 23:27

Casino online historySince the last couple of years online casino industry is experiencing rapid growth. It has been observed that as the days passing by more and more people are showing interest to play online casino games since they do not have time to visit the land-based casinos. This is why; to cater to the increasing demand of the casino players each month several online casinos are being launched.  

In the year 1995 online casinos was introduced for the first time. This portal is popular as ICI or the Internet Casinos. In the initial stage this site offered only 18 exciting games of casino and this portal started operating its business from Caicos Islands and Turks. Beside this one, the other name that worth a mention while talking about the history of online casinos is Intercasino. On the other hand, Atlantis is considered to be the first online casino in Great Britain. Kerzner was the owner of that portal and he brought in the concept of online thematic casino.

In 1994 the gaming software was introduced, whereas, in the year 1999 the multiplayer casino system came in the online gaming industry. This enables the gamers to communicate with their co-players.

In the year 2001 a landmark in the history of online casino was made when a gambler bagged a sum of $400,000 from the Caribbean Islands. On the other hand, in 2002 a similar kind of incident took place when a person wins away, a sum of 1.59 Million Dollar

Though initially the growth of this industry was not that remarkable, with the course of time this industry experienced a lot of growth and by the year 2006 the number of online casinos reached almost 2600. Since then this industry underwent a rapid growth. In fact, it has been observed that most of the casino sites have been designed after the casinos in European countries, Asian countries and Caribbean Islands following some of the rules and regulations of that industry

Though recently there are loads of good casino sites, it can be expected that in the coming years we will find several other new sites for playing the entertaining games of casino.